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10 x 10 Apart Together
Inspired by El Anatsui, Created by Esther Adesigbin and OG Education

Welcome to 10 x 10 - an art project based on the

stunning work of West African sculptor El Anatsui,

whose artworks are made by many hands. 


We are inviting our October Gallery artists and

educators, young people, families, and schools

to create a special ‘art’ square. When your square is

finished it will be linked together with all the others to make

an art piece that celebrates our community staying safe by staying home.

“The ideas that I work with speak directly to the idea of regeneration. For example, the time I worked with clay and broken pots – I used the idea of the pot as my point of departure, demonstrating that when a pot breaks, it is not the end of its life. Rather, it is the beginning of a new cycle of life, allowing it more uses than when it was whole.” El Anatsui



  • It’s all about you. Draw a circle or box on a piece of paper and write how you’ve been feeling while staying at home

  • Draw another circle or box and write down the colours that go with those feelings

  • Look at the artworks below - which ones interest you?

  • Click on the videos below to find inspiration linked to an artist you could use for your your own 10 x 10 square

  • Grab a sheet of paper and explore your response to the artist’s work as well as your feelings about lockdown. Sketch, paint, stick, colour, whatever!



  • Cut out a 10cm x 10cm square out of cardboard, and collage, paint, draw your unique design using your sketches and writing as a starting point. 

  • The only rules are to enjoy making, be creative (no hearts or flowers please - challenge yourself and create your own unique design), and overall express YOU. And of course - make as many as you like! 

  • Add a message on the back of your wonderful artwork; a message of thanks for NHS staff, a message of hope, a favourite poem, or dedication to a loved one. 


BRING TO SCHOOL AFTER LOCKDOWN: We would like to make a short film of the project and film us opening all the different squares from around the country.

Either bring to school with you when you go back and your teacher can post them altogether to the gallery or check with your teacher if you can drop your square in to school for collection or you can post your square on your daily walk to our Head of Education Georgie Fay, October Gallery, 24 Old Gloucester Street, London, WC1N 3AL (you can buy stamps online


Head to the OG Education Youtube Channel for inspiration and example squares inspired by artists.


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