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OG Education Exhibition 

All For One, One For All  

October Gallery Youth Collective  

Takeover and Celebration  


Thursday 27th July – Saturday 29th July 2023  


October Gallery’s Youth Collective present a ‘take over’ exhibition, All for One, One for All. Located in the gallery’s Theatre space, this exhibition was a celebration of collective identity, an expression of empowerment, and an invitation to other local youth groups to gather and share their creative ideas. 


The Youth Collective presented a diverse range of mixed-media works in the form of representative placards in response to the Gallery’s exhibition, Aubrey Williams: Future Conscious. The Theatre was transformed into a vibrant space of artworks, photos, banners, films and placards that echo community and identity. On display was a banner artwork made with the October Gallery Education Beacon Schools, which celebrated the family heritage and the ongoing legacy of the Windrush generation. Furthermore, there was a series of events to accompany the exhibition, culminating in a screening at the Garden Cinema of films made by the Youth Collective and

other local young people.  


At the October Gallery Youth collective, we welcome everyone! This exhibition was an invitation to join us in a collective space,

and over three days the exhibition’s content can be added to by visitors and the wider education community.   

Events During the Exhibition 

When the exhibition is open, visitors are welcome to make some art to add to the show in the afternoons from 2pm – 5pm. 


Thursday 27th July, 10am – 12pm  

Free drop-in making workshop in the Theatre for young people aged 12 – 16 years. 


Friday 28th July, 10am – 12pm  

Creative Professional Development for youth workers, led by Georgie Fay in the Gallery space.

Friday 28th July, 10am – 12pm  

A Cor- Creative Mentorship session for young people about building their Portfolio.

Family Art Day: Saturday 29th July, 10am – 12pm  

All planned and led by Youth Collective Members.

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