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OG Education Exhibition 

Rock, Paper, Scissors 

The October Gallery Education Exhibition in 2022, Rock, Paper, Scissors was Co-curated with the OG Youth Collective,  it featured a range of artworks which shared an exploration of play.

The theme connects to activity games that are both inclusive and accessible. Rock, Paper, Scissors, encapsulates this approach, as it can be played anywhere, anytime. Using this well-known game as a starting point, contributing artists and groups expanded the concept to explore various materials. The exhibition will display the work of October Gallery Education over the past year, including new works from the OG Youth Collective, collaborative works by schools and community groups led by artist-educators, and artworks by the artist-educators themselves.

October Gallery Education connects community groups to a plurality of ideas and approaches to making art. The artworks in this year's Education Exhibition reflect the rich diversity of materials used by the international contemporary artists on show at October Gallery, such as cascading paper sculptures, striking figurative paintings and applied signs and glyphs to ceramic and paper forms. Rock, Paper, Scissors, highlights the unlimited scope of human artistic responses to the world around us when creative play is set in motion.

Rock, Paper, Scissors culminated in a special Family Art Day in the Gallery, which gave children and adults of ALL AGES the chance to do some hands-on art making with artist-educators, and OG Youth collective as well as explore the gallery, courtyard and add their own artwork contributions to various collaborative installations.

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