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Jukhee Kwon

Jukhee Kwon creates her magical works, quite literally, from the printed page; using abandoned and disused books, she shreds the pages by hand to create magnificent ‘book sculptures’.

Kwon has lived in South Korea, England and Italy. Her artwork evokes a sense of expanding knowledge & sprawling literature, across time and space. Her multi-language deconstructed books offer a platform to explore personal narratives and to project a positive vision of plurilingualism and multiculturalism.

This workshop will engage students in literacy through exploring art and culture. Focusing on paper as an art material and its uses in a Korean context, we will explore papermaking, stencilling, printing and sculpture according to the students’ needs and ages.

Themes: Stories, paper making, 3D design and origami.

Cross Curricular Links: English, creative writing

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