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BENJI REID: Performance and Photography

Start your September at October Gallery with our new artist Benji Reid's first solo show. The exhibiton will consist of a series of framed figurative photographs all depicting performnace-based fantastical compositions

Reid's photography is a means to set up hyper-realities, conversations and to curate curiosities. Reid wants to move his generation - a hip-hop generation to take a road less travelled. So, within his virtual walls, we find reviews, archives, new works and even works-in-progress. They have a singular aim which is to inform the audience, about that which has informed and inspired him to action. Whether it is about an outsider, failed familial relationships, or love, he wants the audience to be a part of the process and the product.

We will work with artist and photographer Gisela Torres and look at the exhibition together and reflect on the themes it presents. Then create our own art in response using photography, mixed media, projections, shadows and collage to explore our own identities and imaginations.

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