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LR Vandy: Twist

Dancing in Time: Copper Bottom, 2023.

Coir rope, copper, wood, jute, brass, 66 x 15 x 14 cm.

18 April - 25 May 202

The upcoming LR Vandy exhibition at October Gallery will give students an opportunity to see a variety of work from the artist including a new series of sculptures created from ropes and other materials; one large-scale rope work, several smaller rope sculptures, a collection of photographic prints and further new works from the artist’s signature Hull series. LR Vandy's rope sculptures investigate the collective joy of dancing and are also inspired by hunting rituals and the African spirit dances that transformed into carnival masquerades in the African diaspora. While Vandy's 'Hull' series will explore the trade significance of indigo. 

In the school workshops we will explore the exhibition through a series of games to encourage close looking and critical thinking and go on to some 3D making in front of and inspired by this dynamic collection of sculptures. 


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