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Jordan Ann Craig - Your Wildest dreams

Monday 6th December 2021 - Thursday 27th January 2022

Your Wildest Dreams is Jordan Ann Craig’s first solo exhibition at October Gallery. Northern Cheyenne artist Jordan Ann Craig creates paintings, prints and textile works which are an exploration of existence, time and space woven from cultural memory and epiphany.

The process is meticulous and meditative, often obsessive in mark and repetition. She draws inspiration from Indigenous textiles, beadwork, pottery and landscapes. Her work shares personal stories through abstraction, colour and rhythm. She engages past, present and future to depict Indigenous design through a contemporary lens. Her abstract paintings and prints expand the definition of Native American art, and how culture is transmitted.

We will be working with artist educator Elizabeth Groth to explore shape, pattern and contemporary textiles in response to these large abstract paintings.


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