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18th January - 2 March 2024 

An exciting opportunity to see a wide selection of works from various October Gallery Artists. Come and explore art works including the poignant and playful steel sculptures of Sokari Douglas Camp, the interwoven layers of traces and marks of Govinda Sah's canvas' and the nail portraits of Alexis Peskine exploring the Black experience and questions of identity as they map the spread of the African diaspora. 

Workshops will explore the Gallery with a number of 'looking' games, encourage discussion of the artworks and students perspectives as well as hands on making inspired by the exhibition so everyone can take home their own artwork.

image: Alexis Peskine, Ebandeli, 2023.

Purple Japanese oxidised silver leaf, nails, black pigment and red hibiscus on wood, 120 x 120 cm.


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