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Romuald Hazoumè - Carnaval

Black History Month

Thursday 6th October - Friday 25th November

Join us this Autumn to work with artists Esther Adesigbin and Hannah Littlejones in an exploration of Romuald Hazoumè's new exhibiton at October Gallery. These workshops will be sculpture-based making session in the gallery using recycled materials as well as delving a bit deeper into the significance of Romuald Hazoumè's masquerade sculptures.

Hazoumè is careful to insist that the ‘masks’ he creates, ‘in no way resemble those originally powerful African masks used for ceremonial purposes. Whereas such artefacts exist as mysterious power objects, each of my “masks” portrays a real-life individual or even a distinct personality type.’ Indeed, some refer to specific African heads of state and the many politicians from that continent. Much of the enigmatic appeal of these masks is their ability both to conceal and yet reveal the hidden identity of their subjects.


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