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Expanding Horizons - Mindful Memories

Monday 7th February - Friday 11th March

‘This wonderful relationship between oceans meeting the sky, horizons that become this borderline between heaven and earth.’ – Pamela Kember, 2019.

Expanding Horizons will be held at October Gallery and will pay homage to writer, curator and art historian Pamela Kember, who ardently championed Asian art in the U.K. and further afield. This group show will feature the works of Asian artists Tian Wei, Jukhee Kwon, Govinda Sah and Kenji Yoshida.

The exhibition will reflect on themes of memory, life and a sense of spirituality. The workshops led by artist and educator Alison Lam will explore these themes and through a mindful practice will use the art on display as inspiration to create works using various materials that might not be used in the classroom.

Join us at October Gallery for a meditative workshop in a beautiful space. Workshops can be in-person in the gallery, at your school or online.


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