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William Burroughs: Can you all hear me?

Monday 8th December - Friday 6th February

This winter William Burroughs is back at October Gallery and together with artist Patrick Simkins we will explore his life and work.

Throughout all Burroughs work - art, novels, essays, film and sound experiments - Burroughs wove a passionate message: deconstruct control systems and think for yourself. His art is a personal exploration of intelligence. Artists working in all genres have heard his message, and references to Burroughs’ works are now deeply embedded in our culture, from painting to film to advertising to literature to journalism to music.

The workshops will be linked to aspects of the science curriculum as well as testing out different materials and mark making skills including our own version of rifle shooting (no real guns will be used in this workshop!).

This workshop can be adapted to all ages but is particularly relevent to Key Stage 4 and 5 and exploring themes of society and cultural identity.

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